Dosirak No. 27 - an old one

on Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Hey everyone,

here is one I make quite often:
Kimbap with peas and berries. Recipes for the Korean "sushi rolls", Kimbap, can be found here, in an earlier blog post: Instead of meat, I put in smoked salmon. I just cooked the peas in salt water for 5 minutes and put in some berries, that's it.
Enjoy! :)

Dosirak No. 25 and 26 - two quick ones

on Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Hi Dosirak-lovers,

So actually with the help of my previous posts you already know how to make these (just click on the tag "how to" or "recipe").
The first one is simple Avocado and Egg Kimbaps with turkey Bulgogi, peas and carrot-flowers.

Eating in Korean restaurants

Hi there,

 so last month I've been in Düsseldorf and used those shopping breaks (heaven for clothes shopping, no kidding!) in Korean restaurants and eating like my life depended on it ^^

So here some pics of what I had... Lots of Banchan...

Soup! 미역국 (Miyok Guk, or Seaweed Soup)

Hi there,

so when it's someones B-Day in Korea, one has to eat Seaweed Soup! Of course you don't have to wait till someone's birthday and just go for it ^^ Mine looks like this:

Dosirak No. 24 - cookie cutters aren't only for cookies

Hi everyone,

sorry for the long posting-break! I had sooooo much stuff to do, no time to update my blog! :P
Anyway, here another Dosirak with carrot-potatoe flowers: